Do you find it difficult to handle your inventory stock?  With Magento 2 you have the ability to manage inventory efficiently.  Whether you have a store which builds products after the order or maintains existing inventory (stock of products), you can enable stock management as per your business requirement. In this article, we will provide you useful tips on how to update the stock status of your products on your Magento store.

How to allow stock management?

There is a configuration to allow Magento to manage stock. If it is enabled, product status will automatically be updated when product qty is 0.

To allow stock management :

Go to Admin panel => Stores => Configuration => Catalog => Inventory => Product Stock Options

Manage Stock Configuration

Once this configuration is enabled, Magento 2 will handle stock management of all the goods present in the store. We can also disable Manage Stock setting for a single product.

  • Go to Admin Panel => Products => Catalog
  • Select products from list and select update attributes from Actions drop down
  • Click on Advanced inventory
  • Select change check box

Select value in Manage Stock drop down

Product manage stock configuration screenshot

  • Advanced inventory of a single product can also be modified.
  • Open product and click on Advanced inventory link below Qty field, you will see the same Advanced Inventory screen.
  • Click on Save after making required changes.

This steps will help you manage stock on product level as well as for complete store.

You can set lowest qty notification to get informed if the stock is below particular quantity.

How to control rendering of out of stock products?

Admin can control whether to display “Out of Stock” products on the web store with this setting.

To change the default setting :

Go to Admin panel => Stores => Configuration => Catalog => Inventory => Stock Options

Disaplay out of stock products configuration

How to Change Product Stock Availability?

To modify the stock availability of individual or multiple products,

  • Go to Admin Panel => Products => Catalog
  • Select products which you want to update
  • Select Actions =>Update Attributes => Advanced Inventory
  • Select Change check box

Select Stock Availability option for particular product

stock availability setting

Similar to the “Manage Stock” setting, you can also control this from product list or by opening the individual product and updating Advanced Inventory.

Hope you are now well aware of how to manage the stock of your eCommerce store. Thanks for reading.