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How to configure USAePay in Magento 2

USAePay is one of the leading payment solution providers in the US.

It is Level 1 PCI Compliant and ensures fast and secure transactions – which means better customer checkout experience!

The USAePay extension for Magento 2 lets you accept payments from all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover.

You can even enhance the extension with the help of API to add recurring bill payments function.

The best part of using USAePay is the control it offers. You can control the nature of transaction you want to offer using Source Keys from the USAePay merchant console.

We, at HumCommerce, offer free installation and complete support with our USAePay extension.

After you’ve got the installation done, you need to configure the USAePay payment method.

To configure USAePay extension for Magento 2, follow these easy steps: –

Step 1: Go to Stores => Configuration

Configurations submenu in Stores

Step 2: Expand the Sales tab from the left sidebar and click on Payment Methods.

Payment methods in Sales configuration

Step 3: Expand the USAePay Gateway tab in the Payment Methods section:

USAePay section

Step 4: Fill in the details as follows:

  • Enabled: Set this to “Yes” to enable USAePay payment method in your store.
  • Title: Set the title of this payment method as you want it to be displayed in the storefront.
  • Source Key: Paste the Source Key from your USAePay merchant console.
  • Source PIN: Paste the Source PIN from your USAePay merchant console. This PIN must match the pin that you entered when creating the Source Key.
  • Transaction Description: By default, Magento adds transaction description in the following format – “Magento Order #123”. If you want to change the transaction description and add order ID to it, type in “[Your Store Name Order #[orderid]]”.
  • Send Customer Receipt: Set this to “Yes” if you want USAePay to send the customer a transaction receipt.If you’ve set Magento to send a receipt as well, the customer will receive two transaction receipts.
  • Receipt Template: If you’ve created a custom receipt template in your USAePay merchant console, you can type its name here to use the custom template. Leave this field blank to use the default template.
  • Enable Extended Fraud Profiling: Set this feature to “Yes” if you want to detect customer device and use fraud protection service from a third party provider.
  • Set Suspected Fraud Status: If you’ve set extended fraud profiling to “Yes”, enabling this feature will change the order status of a fraud threat to “Suspected Fraud” depending on the profiling response.
  • New Order Status: Select the order status you want to set for all new orders.
  • Use Sandbox: Sandbox is used for testing payment transactions. Set this feature to:
    • Yes: To send all transactions to a Sandbox environment
    • No: To send all transactions to the USAePay account.
  • Payment Action: Select whether you want USAePAy to Authorize the payments or Authorize and Capture the payments.
  • Sort Order: You can manage the sort order of the payment methods list using this field. Set this to “0” to make USAePay payment method appear first in the payment methods list during checkout.
  • Credit Card Types: Select the credit card types you want to accept payments from in the Credit Card Types list.
  • Accepted Currency: Select which currency you want to accept the payments in, using the Accepted Currency drop-down list.
  • Payment from Applicable Countries: You can set whether you want to accept payments from All Allowed Countries or Specific Countries.
  • Payment from Specific Countries: If you set the previous option to Specific Countries, the Payment from Specific Countries list becomes available. You can select which countries you want to accept payments from.
  • Minimum Order Total: Set minimum order amount for which this payment method will become applicable.
  • Maximum Order Total: Set the maximum order amount for which this payment method will remain applicable.
  • Timeout: Set the time of inactivity after which the transaction request will timeout.

Step 5: Once you’re done filling the configurations, click on Save Config button on the top right corner of the Configurations page.

You’ll be prompted via a system message to refresh invalidated cache types.

Cache management popup

Follow these steps to flush the cache in Magento 2.

USAePay payment method is now active on your Magento 2 store.

This is how it looks like in the frontend during checkout –

USAePay Checkout Screenshot

This brings us to the end of our tutorial on how to configure USAePay in Magento 2.

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