Are you tired of searching orders manually? Magento 2 provides the perfect solution to save your crucial time by providing filter functionality. Using filters admin can quickly filter orders to find exact order. It eases the overall searching process and provides concise results in no time. In this tutorial, we will guide you how to filter orders in Magento 2.


How to Apply Filters?

Step 1: Go to order listing page

Go to Admin Panel => Sales => Orders (This will list orders)

sales orders


Step 2: You will realize the importance of filters when you have more than 10-15 products. It becomes difficult and time consuming to search individual records. To add filters, click on Filters button or right-hand side of your screen above order grid.

Apply filters on order page


Step 3: Just fill the details as per requirement, for example, let’s search for order id 26

filter result


How to add more columns for filtering?

You can also add additional columns in filters by selecting more column in the column configuration.

add Columns to order grid and filter


That will add another field in filters section. I have selected Customer Name:

filter after adding column


You are now ready to apply filters on orders, thanks for reading.