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How to Configure Free Shipping Settings in Magento 2

Free shipping is one of the best offers you can use to entice your customers into buying from your store. You can create a whole marketing campaign highlighting that you ship products for free! Drive new traffic to your online store and increase sales.

Magento allows you to set up free shipping easily from your admin panel and even combine it with cart price rules (discount coupons).

You can even create rules and conditions to specify when your free shipping offer applies.

This tutorial is a part of our series on configuring shipping settings in Magento 2.

We’ll discuss in this tutorial how to:

Configuring Free Shipping Settings

Step 1: Go to Stores => Configuration (under Settings)

Configuration submenu in Stores

Step 2: Expand Sales tab from the left sidebar and click on Shipping Methods.

Shipping Methods configuration

Step 3: Expand the Free Shipping section and uncheck Use System Value boxes.

Step 4: Fill in the following details:

  • Enabled: Select “Yes” to enable free shipping.
  • Title: Type in a descriptive title for the shipping method. Magento sets this field to “Free Shipping” by default.
  • Method Name: Type in the name you want to appear on the storefront during checkout.
  • Minimum Order Amount: Set the minimum order amount above which your free shipping offer applies.
  • Displayed Error Message: Type in your custom error message for times when your free shipping offer doesn’t apply to order or is not available.
  • Ship to Applicable Countries: Set which countries you can ship to under the free shipping offer. You can choose one of the following options:
    • All Allowed Countries: To use free shipping method for all the countries allowed in your store configuration, choose this option.
    • Specific Countries: If you want to use free shipping method for selected countries, choose this option. When you select this option, the Ship to Specific Countries list and Show Method if Not Applicable field becomes available.Ship to Specific Countries
    • Ship to Specific Countries: Select the countries for which you want to use the free shipping method.
    • Show Method if Not Applicable: You can choose whether you want the free shipping method to be displayed on storefront even it is not available for the order.
      • Select “Yes” to always show the free shipping method.
      • Select “No” to show the free shipping method only when it’s applicable.
    • Sort Order: Use sort order to set the position of the free shipping method in your shipping methods list. Set this to ‘0’ to keep free shipping as the first option on the shipping methods list.

Step 5: Once you’ve filled in the required information, click on Save Config button in the top right corner.

You’ll be asked to refresh invalidated cache types via a system pop-up message.

Cache management pop up

Follow this tutorial to manage the cache in Magento 2.


Configuring Free Shipping Settings with Your Shipping Partners

When you’re shipping your products via a shipping carrier like FedEx, DHL, UPS or USPS, you may be required to do some additional settings.

Assuming that you’ve configured shipping method completely, follow these steps to complete the free shipping set up –

Step 1: In the Shipping Methods section of Sales configuration, click on the carrier service you’re using to expand it. Let’s do this for UPS for example. In the shipping carrier section, scroll down to free shipping settings as shown below:

Free shipping with shipping carrier

Step 2: Uncheck the Use System Value box for Free Method field and select how you want to ship the products. Choose a method here for which you don’t have to spend a fortune to ship the products – usually Ground.

Step 3: Enable the Free Shipping Amount Threshold if you want to offer free shipping only for orders above a minimum amount.

Step 4: Fill in the Free Shipping Amount Threshold above which free shipping is applicable.

Step 5: Click on Save Config button on the top right corner to save the configuration settings.

You’ll be prompted to refresh the cache for invalidated cache types through a system pop-up.

Cache management pop up

Follow these steps to flush the cache.

This brings us to the end of our tutorial on how to set up free shipping in Magento 2.

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