Consider a scenario where the customer is not satisfied with the product. If a shopper is not satisfied with your product, he has a right to ask for a refund. As a store owner, you can take the risk of customer’s dissatisfaction. Magento 2 provides a mechanism to generate credit memo from admin panel. In this tutorial, we will guide you:

  1. How to create Magento 2 credit memo
  2. How to print Magento 2 credit memo

It is a document that shows the amount that the store owner has to pay to the customer. The amount can be applied toward a purchase or refunded to the buyer. You can print a credit memo for a single order, or for multiple orders as a batch.

How to create Magento 2 credit memo

Step 1: Go to Admin Panel => Sales =>Orders

Step 2: Select a completed order from the Order management table and click View in the Action column to see the information about it.

Step 3: Now you can see that click Credit Memo link on the right-hand side, but remember for generating credit memo, the order must be in either “processing” or “complete” status.

Credit memo button

You will notice that the credit memo page is almost the similar as completed order page, with an Items to Refund section that lists each item from the invoice.

Credit Memo Page

Step 4: Items to Refund Section

  • To add products back to Qty, select “Return to Stock” check box, else leave it blank if you don’t want to add it to inventory. The Return to Stock checkbox will appear only if inventory Stock Options “Decrease Stock When Order Is Placed” and “stock management” is set to yes.
  • Enter the number of items to be returned in the Qty to Refund box. Press Enter or click outside text box to activate update qty button.
  • Enter 0 value in the Qty to Refund text box, if you don’t want to refund.
  • Click on Update Qty to recalculate the total.(The amount to be credited cannot exceed the maximum amount that is available for return.)

Items To Refund Section

Step 6: Refund Totals Section

Here you can see the “Grand Total” cost and division of cost.

  • In the Refund Shipping field, enter shipping amount you want to refund from shipping fee. It initially shows the shipping fees charged for the order.
  • In the Adjustment Refund field, enter a value to be added to the total amount refunded as an additional refund.
  • In the Adjustment Fee field, enter a value you want to deduct from the total amount refunded. We will deduct it from “Grand Total.”
  • You can also add a comment in Credit Memo Comments box. To include the comments, you have entered in the email, mark the Append Comments checkbox.

To email credit memo copy to the customer, mark the Email Copy of Credit Memo check box.

Order Total Section

Step 6: To complete the process and generate the credit memo, choose one of the following refund option buttons, according to the payment type:

  • Refund Offline(Applicable in Cash on delivery payment method)
  • Refund Online(Applicable if customer pays online)

These steps will help you to create the credit memo.

Step 7:  To check the record go to Order => Credit memo(In left panel)

You will see the record with id and status.

Credit Memo Record

How to print credit memo?

  1. On the Admin panel, click Sales => Operations section => select Credit Memos
  2. Click on checkbox of credit memo you want to print
  3. Select PDF Credit Memos from Actions drop-down above the grid. You can also multi-select credit memos and generate one PDF having all data.
  4. The seller can also generate pdf by viewing credit memo in individual order. You can click on print button in top right corner

Print credit memo

Hope this article will help you to create credit memo, thanks for reading.