Shipment completes the order as it is the final stage of order processing. Generation of shipment converts order status to “Complete”. Magento 2 provides partial shipment option, you can choose products you want to ship. It provides flexibility to the seller. This tutorial will guide you how to manage shipment. You will learn how to generate and download shipment. To generate shipment in Magento 2, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: In Admin menu, select Sales => Orders.(To reach the Order Management Page)

Magento 2 Order List Screenshot

Step 2: In Order management table, use the Filters to find the order (How to filter orders in Magento 2? ). In the Orders list, click on order or click on view to open the order to be shipped. You can now see the detail information about that order.

single order screenshot

At the upper-right corner of your screen, click on the Ship Button. You will now see a new shipment page, with the details of products ordered and customer information Here you can also see additional fields which can be edited. If you need to update the billing or shipping address, click the Edit link in the upper-right corner of the section. Make the necessary changes, and click the Save Order Address button. You can now proceed to step 3 of generating shipment in Magento 2.

Order Ship Button

To have the carrier generate a shipping label, select the Create Shipping Label checkbox. Then, do the following:

  1. To add a tracking number, scroll down to the Shipping Information section, and click the Add Tracking Number button.
  2. Do one of the following:
    1. Select the Carrier, and enter the tracking Number.
    2. Set Carrier to “Custom Value.” Enter a Title for the custom carrier, and enter the tracking Number

Step 3:  Confirm product and customer details are correct. You can also add comments here. To email copy to buyer select ‘Email Copy of Shipment’. Click Submit Shipment to generate the shipment. Once product shipment is generated you can print packing or shipping label.


How to create a packing slip in Magento 2?

Packing slip or shipping label is useful packaging of order. For creating, the item shipment request must be created. If the items are ready to ship, you can generate a packing slip for the order. To create a packing slip, select order from order list and select print packaging label from actions.

Print Packing Slips Screenshot

With that, your order processing complete. You can see the status of order as “Complete” in order listing. To check and download shipment, open order with complete status = > go to shipments.

Order Shipment Record

Thanks for reading, hope this article helps you to create shipment efficiently.