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How to Manage Reviews in Magento 2

User reviews establish a kind of social proof of trust and quality for your product or service. BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey found out that 84% people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation. This means good user reviews by satisfied customers are as good as word-of-mouth publicity of your products and services.

Managing reviews is a key part of managing your business reputation. In this tutorial, we’ll go through the process of editing reviews, adding custom ratings and adding reviews for a product yourself in Magento 2.

Managing Reviews in Magento 2 Overview:

Editing Reviews

There are two ways to edit reviews in Magento 2. You can either approve, disapprove or make changes to all the product reviews submitted to the store website, or manage reviews for products individually.

Manage Reviews for Products Individually

Go to Products => Catalog (Under Inventory):

You’ll see all your products listed on the Catalog page. Select the product you want to manage reviews for and click Edit from the Action column.

Select Product to Edit

In the edit product mode, scroll down and expand the Product Reviews section. Click Edit action for the review you want to make changes for:

You’ll see the following Edit Review screen:

Here you can make changes to the following:

  • Detailed Rating: You can update the star rating for the review here.
  • Status: Change the status of a particular review to
    • Approved – To display the review on product detail page.
    • Pending – If you’ve not decided if you want the review to be displayed to other customers.
    • Not Approved – To reject the review submitted.
  • Nickname: You can change the author name displayed for the review.
  • Summary of Review: You can edit the summary of the review here.
  • Review: You can edit the content of the review here.

Once you’ve made the desired changes, click on the Save Review button to save the review.

Quick Tip 1: While it is important to manage reputation, it is best practice not to edit the star ratings provided by a customer. You should only make changes to the review content to correct invalid information regarding the product or your business.


Quick Tip 2: If you feel that the review is not relevant to your product, you can just click on Delete button in the top right corner of the Edit Review page.


Manage All Product Reviews

If you have a large store with thousands of products, you’ll probably find it hard work to manage reviews for each product individually.

To manage all the product reviews, go to Marketing => Reviews (under User Content):

You’ll see a list of all the product reviews which have been submitted by users on your website.

Select the review you want to manage and click Edit from the Action column.

Select Review to Edit on Reviews Page

Editing form is the same as explained in the previous section.

Quick Tip: To update status of multiple reviews, select the reviews and choose Update Status from the bulk actions drop-down list.

Adding Reviews

Reviews are usually created by users. But what if you have a new store or a new product you want to promote? You can add reviews for a product as a guest from the store backend.

Go to Marketing => Reviews (under User Content) and click on New Review button to add a new review:

Add New Review

You’ll see a list of all the products in your catalog. Click on the product for which you want to add a review:

Click on Product to Add New Review

Fill in the review details for the product and click Save Review button to add a review for the product:

New Review Details

Once you save the review with “Approved” status for a particular product, it will be displayed in the reviews section of the product detail page.

Setting Permission for Guests to Write Reviews

You can set whether you want to allow guests and customers to write reviews on your store or not.

To set review writing permission, go to Stores => Configuration (under Settings):

Configurations Submenu in Stores

Expand Catalog from the left sidebar and click on Catalog. Expand the Product Reviews section in Catalog:

Set Review Writing Permission


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