HumCommerce Magento Extension

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HumCommerce Magento Extension

Identify leaks in your e-commerce conversion funnel using HumCommerce. Record visitor sessions and generate Heatmaps.


HumCommerce is an e-commerce conversion rate optimization (CRO) tool. It provides behavioral analytics (visitor session recordings, Heatmaps, etc.) in addition to traditional analytics (Traffic data, traffic source, etc.).

This official HumCommerce extension enables a seamless integration between your Magento store and HumCommerce tool. Once integrated, HumCommerce tool will start tracking data of your Magento store. Using this extension, you can also track the e-commerce data such as a number of sales, revenue, CRO, individual product performance, etc.

Account & Pricing

A separate HumCommerce account is required. Plans start at $9/month. Please see our pricing page for more information. 


Main Features

Visitor Session Recordings

Record visitor sessions and observe how the visitors are using your website. Find sections where your visitors are getting confused and optimize for conversion.


See how customers interact with your website. Heatmaps show visitor interaction (click, move, scroll data) for different devices.

Sales Funnels

Find bottlenecks in your sales funnels and optimize for better conversions. See at which step visitors abandon your website. Improve your funnel conversion rate to maximize profit.

A/B Testing

Set up experiments to compare two versions of a landing page. Compare landing pages to find which buttons, color schemes or website copy works best to increase conversion rate.

Form Analytics

See which form fields your visitors drop off at. Automatically analyzes forms on your website. Boost form completion rate by adding/removing form fields.

Product Performance

Check how your products are performing individually based on the revenue, product conversion rate, visits, etc. Product performance gives you an idea of which products you should be focussing on to improve sales.

More Information
Current Version 2.0.0
Updated Sep 4, 2018
Compatible With Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x
Type Stable
Release Notes
HumCommerce 2.0.0: New features: - The user can see abandoned cart data in the e-commerce overview section - Individual product performance based on revenue, CRO, average price, etc is displayed in the e-commerce section - E-commerce log feature shows all the e-commerce data in one place

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