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RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate - Multiple Servers

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RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

RapidSSL® Wildcard Certificates for multiple servers with Free Installation, helps secure multiple subdomains with one low-cost SSL certificate issued to * 

RapidSSL® Wildcard Features

  • Unlimited subdomains secured
  • Easy enrollment and installation
  • Most certificates issued in minutes
  • 99+% browser support
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Free reissues
  • $10,000 warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • New SSL Certificate management console
  • Free support by web and email

RapidSSL® Wildcard certificate will help you secure ALL of your sub-domains with one low-cost SSL certificate issued to * Protect your customers' personal data with up to 256-bit encryption. Popular and one of the cheapest wildcard SSL certificates to purchase, it's still has an outstanding value because it issues you domain validation (DV) certificate almost immediately. Buy now and you can instantly begin protecting your site and all its subdomains with a very well-known brand. The purchase includes unlimited server licenses at no additional cost. Protect the WWW and non-WWW version of your root domain with RapidSSL Wildcard certificate! Automated domain control validation makes site authentication a breeze.

  • Fast issuance and easy install
  • 99+% browser support
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Free reissues
  • Free support by web and email
  • $10,000 warranty
More Information
Green Bar No
Brand Recognition Moderate
Subdomains Secured Unlimited
Issuance 10 minutes
Validity Options 1-2 years
Site Seal Static
Server Gated Cryptography No
SSL Encryption Up to 256-bit
Browser Compatibility 99%
Browser Security Lock Yes
Mobile device compatibility No
EV Upgrader No
Installation Quick & Easy
Free Customer Support Yes
Auto renewal reminders & early renewal benefits Yes
Revocation and Replacement Free
Free Refund 30 Days
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